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Donate a scrap car

Autobreakers is a key Corporate Partner to Recycling Lives, a charity that offers formerly homeless people a home, training and education, work experience and future opportunities. We are using our expertise and contacts to ensure we can raise as much money as possible for the charity.

Getting rid of a vehicle you no longer need may be nothing but an inconvenience to you, but to Recycling Lives, it's an opportunity to raise money.

We can arrange free collection of your vehicle, which is then sold at auction or recycled.

Donating your unwanted vehicle couldn't be easier. Just email us, we will then contact you to arrange collection, and the car will be collected by a trusted partner. Your car will usually be collected within a week.

Who we are working with

We have teamed up with RAW2K Online auctions who are a trusted and experienced company that specialise in Internet Salvage Auctions for the disposal of vehicles for the public, alongside a selection of the UK's largest Insurers, Police Constabularies, District & City Councils, and Accident Management & Fleet Companies.

Why donate a vehicle to Recycling Lives?

There are many reasons why people may want to donate their vehicle:

How it works

When you contact us, we will ask you some questions about the make, model and condition of your vehicle. We will then advise you how your car can make the most money for charity. It may be worth more to Recycling Lives if the vehicle is scrapped, or if it is sold at auction.

If it is decided that your donated vehicle will be worth more if it is sold at auction, it will be collected and sold by RAW2K, raising much-needed money. We are guaranteed a donation of £5 for each car, but when the vehicle is sold at an auction, it may raise even more money for Recycling Lives!

The first step is to contact us, either by calling 01772 665920 or emailing us. When you contact us, we need to know:

We will then explain the next steps to you. Usually your vehicle can be collected within a week. You will need to handover the V5 Log Book for the vehicle when it is collected.

We will keep you informed and let you know when your vehicle has been sold and how much money you have raised for Recycling Lives!

We can claim Gift Aid!

Thanks to the tax man, your vehicle could be worth a little more for Recycling Lives! If you make a Gift Aid declaration when you contact us, Recycling Lives can increase the value of your donation by an extra 25%, at no cost to you, or the charity!

If your car sells at auction for £00, Recycling Lives can claim an extra £0. That means the total value of your donation is £50!

If you are a higher rate taxpayer, you can claim a tax refund of 18% of the sale price on your annual tax return.

The Pinnacle in Car Spares supply.

Recycling Lives Used Car Parts has just undergone a free upgrade of its Pinnacle system to Pinnacle Pro.

The new system has many new features which will further improve the running of the department. It will hugely reduce the amount of paperwork for the Recycling Lives Car Parts staff as it is no longer necessary to print work orders for parts as these can be seen and listed on the system for the dismantlers. This will also enable the warehouse to see which parts are needed ?live? without having to wait for orders on paper to be brought through to them.

The new system also features a shipping manager to handle the dispatch of the parts across the country better. Additionally, there is an upgraded automatic pricing module which will save time in pricing the parts and ensure Recycling Lives? prices are always competitive. The sales staff will be able to access information more quickly and will be able to get prices on parts from other pinnacle users without having to phone them. There is more and better information contained within the software which will enable us to analyse the stock better and buy the cars and parts which our customers are looking for.

All in all another positive step for Recycling Lives.

Number Plates - DVLA Registrations

All personalised number plates issued on DVLA certificate, over 60 million DVLA personalised registrations and 5 million car registrations available. Number plates for all cars supplied in only 4 days.

AutoBreakers carry out good Corporate Social Responsibility by employing Residents from Recycling Lives to carry out a range of Recycling activities.

Contract Hire is rapidly becoming a great way of getting a great commercial deal, but don't send it back with new tyres, just buy part worn from Autobreakers and change them before it goes back!