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Preston Recycling Ltd Trading Terms

As a user of recycled parts, you want to be sure of not only value for money, but also of quality service. As members of the Motor Vehicle Dismantlers Association and British Metals Recycling Association we adhere to a Code Of Conduct and operate under the following trading terms.

i) The terms and conditions apply to all business transactions carried out by Preston Recycling Limited, hereinafter referred to as the 'Company'.

ii) The person/s involved in the transaction with the Company and/or the recipient of the part/s is hereinafter referred to as the 'Purchaser'.

iii) Your statutory rights are not affected.

1. Most vehicles and parts of vehicles sold from this establishment are auto-salvage and are sold as such. Whilst we to make every effort to give good value to our customers, we cannot guarantee each part to be absolutely perfect and this is reflected in their prices when they are compared to the price of new items and parts.

2. We will always try to supply the exact part that the customer requires. Due to the variations in make, model, design and year of manufacture, we cannot give any guarantee that all parts are correct or fit for the purpose required. It will help if customers can bring a sample part for comparison, but all sales are made on the strict understanding that the customer is responsible for making sure that parts bought are correct or fit for the purpose required. In the event of a part purchased is not correct for the particular vehicle, we will attempt to replace the part with the correct one, provided that within 48 hours, the part is returned or notification is given of the customers intention to return the part. Please note that we shall not be under any obligation to replace any parts returned to us under these circumstances or to give any refund in respect thereof.

3. Any part which is found to be faulty or unserviceable (unless the fault was declared on purchase) will be repaired, exchanged or money refunded according to circumstances, provided that we are notified in writing within the period specified in the guarantee clause under which the goods were sold.

4. Goods or parts sold by Preston Recycling Ltd are guaranteed or warranted for the time specified in the following clauses:-

A. The article offered for sale has been removed from the donor vehicle, tested and inspected and found to be of such quality as to carry an unconditional guarantee of straight exchange of money back should a replacement unit not be available, if the article should be found to be faulty or unserviceable. (The minimum period of guarantee for this category is 30 days).

B. Because of the age and condition of the donor vehicle, testing or inspection of the article offered for sale has not been practicable. However, should the article be found to be unsatisfactory, a full refund will be given provided that the article is returned within a specified period. (The minimum period of guarantee for the category if 7 days)

C. The terms and conditions of the sale of the article or articles offered for sale under this category and the terms of any guarantee agreed are subject to negotiation between the buyer and seller at the time and point of sale. Although there is not minimum period of guarantee for this category, all terms and conditions of the guarantee must be clearly stated on the invoice or receipt relating to the sale and signed by both the buyer and seller at the time of sale.

5. Preston Recycling Ltd shall not be liable or responsible for:

a. any fault or defect in parts arising from wilful damage, negligence, failure to follow their instructions (whether written or oral), misuse or alteration to parts carried out otherwise than by Preston Recycling Ltd employee’s.

b. any fault or damage caused by the fitting of parts otherwise than by Preston Recycling Ltd employee’s.

c. any consequential or indirect loss claimed under any circumstances.

6. Bearing in mind that all parts are auto-salvage and the price substantially less than new, we do not hold ourselves responsible if any vehicle is off the road whilst a part is being brought back for exchange.

7. These terms of business are not intended to restrict or exclude any legal rights hereto or implied by law. These Terms of Trading are primarily designed to apply to transactions entered into with customers. Where transactions are entered into with other businesses, certain provisions implied by law may be exclude, subject to tests of reasonableness, as prescribed by the Unfair Contract Terms Act, 1977.

8. It is the sole responsibility of the Purchaser to ensure that all the correct details are entered onto Company Internet forms and submitted or given to the Company's representative at the time of purchase.

9. Under the Distance Selling Regulations the Company must notify you that the service we provide begins as soon as the part/s are reserved on your behalf, subsequently there is no 'cooling off period', the transaction cannot be reversed and no refund can be given.

10. In no circumstances shall the Company be made responsible for any failed delivery or disappointments. In such cases any payment made shall be refunded in full, provided that the failure is through no fault of the Purchaser. The Company's liability is strictly limited to a full refund only and no claims for damages; interest on monies paid or any other expenses shall be entertained.

11. Whilst every attempt is made to ensure the fastest possible transaction, the Company cannot guarantee any specific time period for the entire transaction.

12. The Company cannot accept responsibility for delays or errors caused by the postal system, electronic mail, any unforeseen circumstances or any failure or delay on the part of the donor or the recipient vehicles.

13. All prices given include VAT, unless otherwise confirmed in writing.

14. If final payment for any part is not honoured within 3 weeks from the date of purchase or deposit then the Company reserves the right to cancel the agreement. The date of purchase is indicated by the date on which the part payment or deposit was first taken. In the event that the client fails to honour the purchasse the Company reserve the right to retain the part payment to cover administration and advertising costs.

15. No verbal conditions or guarantees expressed or implied shall have effect on these terms and conditions unless written and initialled by one of the Directors of the Company.

16. The Company reserves the right to transmit all or part of a recorded call to a third party at our discretion, recordings remain our property at all times. Recordings are routinely kept for one calendar month; subsequently queries should be brought to the attention of the Company within this period. At The Company's discretion and subject to the above time constraint, we may supply a copy of a conversation for a cost of £35.00.

17. If any term, provision, covenant or condition of this agreement is held by a court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, void or unenforceable, the remaining provisions of this agreement shall remain in full force and effect and shall not be affected, impaired or invalidated.

18. These Terms and Conditions constitute the entire agreement between the parties in respect of the purchase.

19. This agreement shall be governed and constructed in accordance with English Law each party thereto submits to the jurisdiction of the English Courts.

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